Is there a good band calendar webapp out there?
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I run a website for a band. I'm looking for a 3rd-party calendar solution so they can easily display their upcoming concerts on their website.

The more simple, the better; I'd really like to avoid using Google Calendar. Is there a solution specifically for a band's website? It seems like their should be. Fields would include date, time, admission cost, location, and perhaps an "other" to list supporting bands and whatnot. This perfect webapp would also allow me to easily embed the public, viewable calendar into their website.

Is there a solution out there?
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what about Google Calendar type solutions are you trying to avoid?
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Response by poster: I don't want them to have to sign up for Google Accounts. Thanks for your understanding.
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30 Boxes is the other major calendar web app. Not sure if it's Google you're trying to avoid or the signup process altogether.
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You could install MovableType and then create a page containing a calendar with a list of dates linked to a seperate page about the gig they'll be playing, plus - under the basic calendar on the main page - you could set up MovableType to list the individual dates/gigs by name as well.

To really make it effective for a band site, you'd want to use SSI to have that calendar page imported into the site's main page... on a column to the left maybe, or something like that.

The beauty of a MovableType solution is that it's flexible enough that you can build it into your pre-existing website. It could be a pain to set up, but once that's done, the site runs itself. You'd be more or less creating a gig-blog and building it into their site.

By the way - I only recommended Movable Type instead of something like Wordpress because MT uses standard HTML whereas Wordpress uses PHP.
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Check out Music Today. They provide solutions to Bands for websites. They may be able to either answer the question or point you in the right direction by reading one of their band's sites.
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I think Trumba might do what you're looking for.
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It still may not meet your needs in terms of perhaps branding/styling or some other functionality but Google Calendars can be embedded in such a way that the end user doesn't need a Google account to see the calendar or the event details.
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Not sure if you're still looking for a solution but I just came across this Google Calendar -> WordPress plugin. Looks quite elegant if you don't mind using Google Calendar for managing the events and WordPress to handle formatting.
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I had the same exact problem.

I do not want to use google calendar, its nice but extremely limited in terms of its appearence on the style. I didn't charge a customer hundreds of dollars for a custom design to just plop google's off white/blue design in there.

The best solution i have found is

It doesn't really display in a calendar format, but for a band that doesn't have a gig everyday thats probably best.

its free and works really well. And most importantly you have complete and full control over the style and what is displayed etc.
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