20 Euro cents per minute is quite outrageous
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Is there a better option for international phone forwarding than Skype?

I would like to have a US phone number redirect to my German phone number, but Skype's rates to German mobiles are quite high. Are there any other options?
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Response by poster: I don't mind paying something but calling another mobile from mine costs 0.13 EUR, so I know that Skype charges much more than just the connection tariff, thus the desire to find cheaper options.
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There are a lot of VOIP services like jajah, rebtel, fring, ...
There are a lot more. I myself have used rebtel for a while to call mobile-to-mobile between the S and NL. It's quite affordable but the quality was quite bad.
I'm curious as to experiences with other services.
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Koala Calling offers this, among other inexpensive telecom facilities aimed at international travelers.

I've used their ringback service before. Worked great, every time I used it. I'm pretty sure that Koala is a one or two-man operation reselling services from telecom providers.
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