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Help me track my fantasy baseball home run pool online.

I'm going to be entering into a home run pool with maybe four or five other people, and I'd like to set up a system I can use to track everyone's progress.

First, the pool: Very simple, you draft 12 guys, and at the end of the season, the player whose 12 have hit the most home runs wins. Also, each week, your two worst performers are "benched" after the fact, just for that week.

I tried setting up a league on Yahoo, but it has restrictions on how many players you can have at each position, and since this league doesn't take positions into account, we could have entire teams of 1st basemen and corner OFs. So I can't use their system.

The draft will be handled in person, so there's no need for the system to include that. I just want a way to check in on the entire league's progress day to day without having to compile it all by hand.
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If there's not a custom fantasy site like Yahoo that will do this, you could do it with a spreadsheet. Either a local version that you update and e-mail around to everyone each week, or one on Google Spreadsheets that anyone could check at any time. With Google you could also allow everyone in the league to update it. You could set up the spreadsheet so it automatically calculates which players to bench each week, and tabulates points.
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Response by poster: Thanks, but is there an option that will tally the home runs for me, so that I don't have to track the stats down myself?
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