NYC Upholstery Finds?
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NYC fabric filter: where can I find cool upholstery fabric?

You guys were so helpful with my previous question I thought I'd ask again.

I'm staying in Midtown and have been asked to get some cool upholstery fabric. Ideally deep red or jewel tones with an "Asian feel."

I am a guy who doesn't know the first thing about fabric so any and all help is appreciated.

I saw Mood Fabrics recommended on another site and they look fine to me. Is there anywhere else I should go? I'll be going this afternoon if that matters. Thanks!
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Best answer: Zarin Fabrics, on the Lower East Side, has both an upstairs bargain section (with ROWS of fabric, helpfully arranged by color) and a downstairs high-end business. Honestly, it's where I'd go first. You'll probably find what you want (and probably get a good deal).

If you're in the midtown, take the F (entrances on 6th Avenue at 50th and at 42nd and at 34th) the Delancey Street, then walk south to Grand and then West to the corner of Allen. Map.
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Best answer: I received a ton of good advice in this thread.

Mood is pretty expensive, but they do have a fabulous selection. P & S fabrics just off of Canal street has a upholstery bargain basement that has decent prices and selection. They even had a few things I'd never seen before.

It might also be worth it just to take a stroll around the garment district. There will be tons of hole-in-the-wall fabric stores operating out of tiny spaces. You'll get a pretty good price if you haggle. I've found some of my favorite fabric purchases in places like these. There are hundreds, none are quite organized, so it pays to have a look around.
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Response by poster: Is P&S still open? I did a cursory search and found an article from 2006 I think that said they were having a going out of business sale.

Thanks for the tips!
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P&S did close, but they reopened right across the street from their old place.
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Best answer: A lot of the upholstery fabric stores are on lower Broadway; take the 6 or the N/R to Canal street and walk down Broadway from Canal and you will be sure some stores that will do the trick.
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You might try ABC Carpet on Broadway and 19th, which has and upholstery department and carries Asian-inspired goods. There's also a whole bunch of places that specialize in upholstery fabrics near 59th and 3rd (near Bloomingdale's). Those places might be on the expensive side, though.
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Response by poster: Just got back. I didn't go to Mood and/or the fashion district, but there was a decent selection to choose from along Canal Street. P&S was good. Thanks everybody!
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