Please read calligraphy of Mao Ze Dong.
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Can you please read this calligraphy of Mao ZeDong (in white) and translate it and/or give me the pinyin.

I get it is about youth and spirit but my reading isnt up to it. Extra points if you know the history of the quote. Xie Xie
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In white: 'Not only do we need revolutionary fervor, we also need pragmatism'.

In black: 'the youth generation'
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In hanzi: 不但要有革命热忱 / 而且要有实际精神

In pinyin: bu dan yao you ge ming re chen / er qie yao you shi ji jing shen
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A brief googling has it that Mao wrote it in 1938 for the "Anti-Japan Military and Political College" (中国人民抗日军事政治大学), the school set up by the CCP during World War II. He served as the chairperson of the college advisory board, and it appears that he was quite personally invested in the type and quality of the education that the students received.

Presumably this was an exhortation to the students on the importance of learning the necessary military and political skills for the success of the campaign. This would echo other of Mao's sayings, such as the following, inscribed for Shanbei Public School (predecessor of the current Renmin University):


(Rough translation: "These people are at the forefront of the revolution; they have political foresight. They are tenacious and self-sacrificial, their hearts are honest, faithful, eager and righteous. These are the unselfish ones, whose only goal is to liberate the people and society. Unafraid of difficulties, they are ever so strong and brave in the face of trouble. They are not foolhardy zealots, nor are they fanatical ideologists, but are down-to-earth and practical people. China's revolutionary mission will be swiftly accomplished if she has a big assembly of such pioneers.")
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