Gortoz a Ran
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Song Similar To Denez Prigent's "Gortoz a Ran"?

I just stumbled upon Denez Prigent's song "Gortoz a Ran" and found it beautiful and moving. Does anyone know of more songs like this?
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Fantastic song. Both artists also helped on the Gladiator soundtrack and the Black Hawk Down soundtrack. Perhaps you could begin your search for similar music there.
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Prigent's albums are sometimes difficult to find, but "Sarach" in particular is worth your while. Lisa Gerrard is the obvious (female) counterpart to Prigent: you can chase up her solo work, soundtrack appearances, the later work of her band Dead Can Dance (shoe-gazing goths who became fascinated with world and ancient rhythms) and the solo work of the other half of DCD, Brendan Pery.

The producer Hector Zazou brings together varied artists for thematic projects of his, and has used both Gerrard and Perry. You may like Les Nouvelle Polyphonies Corses (and the sequel album done with Zazou), with has a stunning choral, wall-of-sound feel. The more celtic Lights in the Dark and experimental Sahara Blue might also appeal.

It seems to be easier to find female than male counterparts for Prigent's sparse but strong sound. Lena Willemark (Scandinavian) and Yasmin Levy (Ladino) may fit your criteria as well.
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