Black Paper Notebook, not Black, Paper Notebook!
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I need a black paper notebook!

Due to a collision of adjectives, I'm having a hell of a time searching the web for a spiral-bound notebook with smooth black paper (not a black cover, although that would be fine.)

I don't want pastels paper, which is textured, nor do I want loose black paper- I want cheap, smooth black paper, bound into a notebook. I would prefer 4X5 or 5X6, but I'll take up to 8 X 11 1/2.

These sorts of notebooks were widely available a few years ago when Gel Pens were all the rage, but I can't find them now. Any help would be appreciated!
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Art supply stores have sketch books with black paper.
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Here's 9x12, spiral bound:
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Potentially fun, potentially stupid - see what happens when you use to create a sketchpad by printing 100% black on every page.
(This way, you could also have non-black pages interspaced with the black ones, for making notes on the sketches, or for pencil sketches etc.)
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You could make one yourself. Kinkos will bind anything in a snazzy coil binding for you, and it's not too expensive.

Every semester, they cut the bindings off my hard-to-maneuver textbooks and coil-bind them, so I can drop them on the desk as an example while still gesturing wildly at my class.

I also believe all cookbooks should be coil bound.
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Best answer: What about these guys...

I did this search to get to this.
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Another place to get canson notebooks (ducksauce's link didn't work for me).

There are a few black paper products on this page, few pictures to go on though.

Black legal pad. (Via... sorry).
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Best answer: I know Turtle Arts carries spiral-bound journals/sketchbooks with black paper. I'm not sure of the exact texture of the paper, but perhaps these would work for you.
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