Help me get to the beach this weekend!
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Where should I look to find a last-minute warm weather getaway on the (relatively) cheap for this weekend?

A friend and I have had it up to here with the Northeastern US and want to go somewhere warm with a beach this wekeend (Fri-Sun). We hope to pay $500/person for flight & hotel if possible for three nights. Any ideas? We've checked but I'm wondering if there are better sites that I might not know about. Thanks!
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Put your local airport into Kayak's Buzz and see where the cheapest destinations are for the upcoming weekend.
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Also, AirfareWatchdog has a great (and dangerously tempting) email newsletter that runs down various airfare specials tailored to your home airport every week -- it has a special section just for weekend getaways for the upcoming weekend (i.e., this Friday or Saturday). I believe you can also search the site itself.
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