Where can I find an affordable, thorough, genealogist to help me research my Irish ancestry?
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Where can I find an affordable, thorough, genealogist to help me research my Irish ancestry?

I've been researching my Irish (primarily from Mayo and Monaghan) ancestors online, through Ancestry.com, and elsewhere, and I've hit a bit of a wall. I've gone back 2 or 3 generations, but the further I go back, the longer it's taking to find any information or documents. I'd like to hire someone who could take the information I have and extend my tree back another few generations. I'm on a budget, so hopefully a few hours of this person's time would be enough to help me break through the wall. I also would prefer that my ancestors do become Mormons in the process. Of course, if you can recommend any online resources, that'd be great too. Thanks!
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... you mean do not become Mormons?
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Not to be snarky, but you know that that whole posthumous baptism thing that the Mormons do -- it's kinda not real, right? I mean, they're really good at the genealogy, so why not let them do it? If they choose to try to convert your dead relatives, so what? Do you think it's actually going to work?

That said, if you're really going to be superstitious about it, all the mormon records are available online for free.
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heh, wow, freudian slip. I'll have to look into the posthumous baptism thing. Even though it is quite silly, I'd like to avoid it on principle.
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Pantufla, you might want to check your local library for some help with this.

Many public libraries have some databases on genealogy that you may or may not have explored and they can probably recommend someone local who would be a cheap researcher.

There may even be a library in the area that has a specialization in genealogy (it's not uncommon) that could give you the name of an independent researcher.
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Genealogists. (costs vary)

A couple of resources here and here.
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No direct answer to your question. However, I'm from Monaghan! If there's anything I can do to help, mefimail me.
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Eneclann; Highly professional and recommended.
Not knowing what you mean by "affordable" I don't know how helpful they can be.
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I just mefimailed you with a specific recommendation (this comment in case you're not into mefimail.).
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I've used both Eneclann, mentioned above, and Achievements ... neither were particularly cheap, but both excellent. I'm convinced that you get what you pay for with this stuff; I'm from Ireland, so am quite familiar with the sources they use etc and some cheaper consultants have not been upfront with me about what they'd be doing with my money.
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Hi All,

Thanks for the great suggestions! I'm checking them all out, and I'll update this with what I find.
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