Any good online Program Management resources?
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I'm finishing my MBA next month and am moving from my Product Management role into a newly created Program Manager position for our business unit.

I'll be the prime interface between the business team and engineering along with pulling together supply chain, manufacturing, training, service, support, and the other pieces that go into delivering a completed product. Can anyone recommend good online forums or resources, and favorite tools that have helped you in similar endeavors? Also, any good advice? I have considerable leeway in how I structure this but must apply some 6 Sigma framework. I have managed diverse teams throughout my career and have great working relationships with the internal and external groups I'll be working with.
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I often tell people that the only thing of value that I learned from getting an MBA was that people who get MBAs don't learn anything from getting them. It sounds like you are close to coming to the same realization. :-)
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Several of the program managers I work with are affiliated with the Program Management Institute.
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