Is there a "best" way to configure a usb key so that it is most likely to be bootable for Windows-type functions?
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Is there really a "best" way to configure a usb key so that it is most likely to be bootable (for windows/dos sw installs) - AND perform a function besides just booting?

My gut answer would be "no" - it appears that making usb keys bootable is a total crap shoot, depending on the bios of particular systems, brand of key, and what exactly you want the booting key to do. We've managed to successfully make a key that will boot and install Vista, and another that will boot and connect to our Ghost server... but the procedures for doing so for both were neither intuitive nor similar.

Now we thought we'd get crafty and make one to boot and install XP, but it still no workie. We've tried the following popular links already

and this one that worked for the Vista install, but nothing else

Generally we end up with text screen saying "remove disks or other media. press any key to restart" on multiple known good intel boxes, mostly Dell.
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YMMV, but I've used this with some success.
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