Who sounds more like Godflesh than Godflesh?
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Where can I find more music like the song used in the Godflesh song used in this recent Metafilter post?

Ever since watching that Youtube video, I've been listening to that song a lot, and I'd like to find more music that sounds like it. It seems like it's pretty far away from the normal Godflesh song, so I need to find other bands closer to that sound.

I tend to dislike metal because of the vocals, even though I like the music a lot. I enjoyed this track in which it just sounded like the dude was trying to sing, as opposed to growling or hitting the high notes. (Overall metal is a weak spot in my music knowledge -- I know some thrash, the classics and Kyuss, and that's about it). I also like the sludgy sound (I like a lot of bands like Spaceman 3 and shoegazer stuff). Any recommendations welcome.
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I'll hook you up with some tunes:

Jesu (of course, Broderick's post Godflesh project)








More broadly you're looking for post-metal, but you'll have to do some sorting as a lot of bands technically in this genre like Intronaut or Cult of Luna or even the founders of the sound Neurosis might be too frequently on the harsh end of things for your liking.
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The Straightener's list is great. You probably find Godflesh's stuff a bit hit-or-miss, because, much as I love them, I must admit that Justin's vocals range from appropriately muted to cringeworthy. Other specific songs that you might like are "Slateman," "Bittersweet," and "Mantra."

You might also look into Justin K. Broadrick's other side projects, including the aforementioned Jesu (including their massive "Old Year"). I'm also particularly fond of one of his earlier bands, Head of David, though their stuff is hard to find (feel free to MetaMail me and I can send you some stuff).

Another random suggestion is Monster Magnet's 25-minute sub-shoegazing epic, "Tab...."
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It's a different question, but I think you'd like most of the bands mentioned in this thread.
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Scorn expecially the first few albums, some of which featured Justin Broderick.

Maybe The Swans, or some of the more atmospheric Killing Joke.

That particular song is more like later Godflesh than earlier. So maybe start with the Selfless album and newer.
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Seconding Rosetta (start with either The Gallilean Satellites or their half of Project Mercury) and Neurosis (Times of Grace is a KILLER album, especially when played over the companion album Grace by Tribes of Neurot). Pelican is also good but their most recent album, City of Echoes, has sort of a cock-rock edge...you're better off with The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw. You might also like Japanese metal/noise/ambience gods Boris, though their output varies considerably over time.
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The song in the video was much more like stoner rock than most Godflesh.

I'd suggest Kyuss, Clutch, Mastodon... maybe even Orange Goblin or Unida.

If it's the heavy droning aspect you like, try Sleep or Sunn 0))). That's the band name, not a cyclops-with-a-triple-chin emoticon.
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Speaking of post-rock, I'm really enjoying the new Earth record, The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull.

There a review and streaming audio here.
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I'm a doofus - you said Kyuss in the post. Try Queens of the Stone Age if you haven't already.
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Speaking of post-rock, I'm really enjoying the new Earth record, The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull.

Me too. Thought that was more drone doom so I didn't mention it, but that's probably 50% of my iPod time in the last two weeks.
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poss other directions worth a listen: techo animal, ice, final, zeni geva, loop, and god...
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I was coming in to mention Loop but spyke23 beat me to it. Robert Hampson from Loop actually played in Godflesh around the time of Pure, and the two bands even did a 7" where they covered each others songs.

You might consider Loop the missing link between Godflesh and the whole shoegazer scene?
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I guess Earth really is drone doom, not post-rock. But I was all excited and wanted to mention them anyway. The Bees Made Honey... is a really, really good record.

More post-rock, and I'm surprised no one has brought them up yet: Russian Circles.
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Thanks to everyone -- I now have a doom-drone station on Pandora. I still haven't found anythinng I like as much as the song i linked to, but I may just become a metalhead yet.
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