What's a good EVDO card to clone?
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I'm looking at a situation where I may want/need to buy a replacement Sprint EVDO card, and want to just clone over the old card's ID (ESN?) to the new one. What cards work the best for this?

The basic gist of it is that I don't want to have to deal with activation and all the other assorted nonsense, I want to just get the new card, clone the relevant details from the old card, and start using the new one. Of course, only after taking a hammer to the old one to make sure I don't get blacklisted.
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I don't think any EV-DO card will let you change its ESN. I think you'll have to call Sprint and have them change the ESN on your line of service to that of the new card.
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I doubt you'll be able to do this. Any new card will be locked and require Sprint to activate it on their network. When I call it takes all of 5 minutes. If you buy the replacement through sprint they may just do this before they ship it to you. This may be business only.
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It's against the law to change the ESN.
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Best answer: You would be in essence "cloning" which most legitimate manufacturers will make exceedingly difficult.

Trust me when I say it will be much easier to just purchase a new card and call in the ESN change. Not meaning to point an accussing finger but my first thought when reading this is that your intentions are not exactly legitimate. Cloning an EVDO card is much more difficult than dealing "with activation and all the other assorted nonsense".
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