Dish Network Vs. DirectTV Vs. Uverse (from those who've had two or more)
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Dish Network Vs. DirectTV Vs. Uverse (from those who've had two or more)

I just got a fancy new HD LCD and need to upgrade my service to HD. I am currently on Dish and quite satisfied, but I'm not blindly loyal.

My criteria obviously includes picture quality, value and comprehensive availablity of HD channels (including local), but I place a heavy weight on the usability of the system. Part of the reason I'm partial to my (pre-DVR programming fee) DishNet PVR is that it is *so* very pleasent to use. Much more streamlined than TiVO in the opinion of both my wife and myself.

I've come to value the opinion of MeFi contributors and I'm interested in hearing from folks who have had two or more of the services I'm considering (Dish, Direct, uVerse). I've searched the archives and most posts covering this topic are quite old. Any fresh perspectives?

And before anybody asks: I'm not terribly interested in the NFL Sunday Ticket, so that is not a consideration. I have lots of diehard friends with it who have bigger TV's and throw better football shindigs than I do (so I mooch off their Ticket).

The only clear benefit I can see to uVerse is the "bundle" pricing and the chance to upgrade my internet connection above 5Mb.

Thoughts? Comments?
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