How can I view Dreamweaver MX 2004 edits locally when using TeamSite?
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Which Dreamweaver MX 2004 extension do I need? --So my company insists on using this crazy versioning system (TeamSite) which means that every edit I make to my project site can only be viewed after no less than seven interim steps. All I want to do is view my edits locally before I go through the hassle that is uploading to the development workarea. [mi]

I've exhausted begging for an apache server set-up (admin: No, oh and-- no.) and installing a module that allows one to view output through our versioning system instead of source. I know that Dreamweaver can execute simple php script, but it isn't doing a good job of it on its own, and I'm pretty sure an extension is what I need.

Any suggestions?
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Could you install a smallish LAMP (or WAMP) setup on your computer?
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I don't have installation permissions, and anything that needs any sort of indepth installation will be shunned by my admittedly overhassled+overworked admin. I'd like it to be something I can do, as I'm the only person who isn't slavishly clicking fifty different places just to check out a span tag.
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Wow, that's a shame. I haven't heard of any extensions that do what you want, and it seems unlikely one exists since it would just duplicate the testing server functionality built into Dreamweaver.

OTOH, what sort of system do you have? The Windows PHP binary can work as a CGI with Personal Web Sharing on Windows 2k/XP (instructions here) and they provide an installer-less binary. It's pretty minimalist, especially in database support, but it might be enough.
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You can't install software on your own PC?!?!?
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precocious: what's your hardware/OS?
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You can't install software on your own PC?!?!?

Yeah, it's pretty common in all but the smallest companies these days. It's a liability (people installing pirated software) and a support nightmare ("My computer locks up every time I launch Quicken. Help me!"). Security on all the modern OS's makes it easy to implement.
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signal> Power Mac G5/OSX (10.3)

Where Dreamweaver's testing server function breaks down is that only the TeamSite interface has permissions to actually upload to the development server. So to test locally, I need something 1) installationless, and 2) able to execute php scripts.

pissfactory>> Nothing that changes the applications folder. With Mac-specific "drag this to where you want to install" programs, I use a personal folder. I'm not sure if that's "allowed," but at least I can use Firefox instead of Safari now.
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OSX 10.3 comes with Apache and PHP pre-installed. A quick walkthrough for activating it is available here. Unfortunately, you need admin privs to activate it*, but your friendly admin should be a bit less hinky about this than installing software. Then, you can just set up your ~/Sites (accessible through the http://localhost/~yourusername/ URL) as a Local testing server.

If that's still too much to ask, then you should be able to set up PHP as a CGI in your Sites folder using a .htaccess file, but that sounds like a real PITA.

* It's quite possible that you have admin privileges, and that they're just messing with the permissions on /Applications to prevent app installs. When it asks for your password after the line with sudo, just try yours; if it accepts it, then you're golden, and your admin doesn't need to be burdened.
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