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Where can I play squash and or racquetball around Mountain View, CA?

I'd like to get back into either squash or racquetball, but I don't know where to play. I live in Mountain View, CA, not far from Castro St. Anyone have experience with local courts? Where can I find good facilities? Convenient pick-up games?

Ideally, I'd like to find courts within 20 min drive from my home in Mountain View is okay - closer is better. I'm willing to join a gym/club to get access, if the facilities are good and the price is fair.
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Supreme Court I Athletic Club in Sunnyvale apparently offers seven racquetball courts and 3 squash courts. They also appear to offer a variety of membership discounts, so YMMV.
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Also, The Club of Mountainview looks to have 3 racquetball courts. You can check out The California Racquetball Club Locator for more options.
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Although I don't do racquetball, I'm a long-time member of The Club and the racquetballers there seem to like it. Give it a visit; they'll be glad to show you around.
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