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What happened to Majestic? I mean, I know it ended, but HOW?

I got sucked into this game when it came out and was crushed when it ended. I did love playing it, but I wasn't able to play it as much as I wanted to because of school and work. I think I only got as far as the first couple of episodes, but even now, I don't remember anything about it.

And now, so many moons later, I'm still driven mad by it! Where can I find details of the game from people that played it to the end? I don't want a general review of the game from it's birth - I want to know what exactly happened. It's driving me nuts. I need to know!
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I too am curious, I loved the concept. It was pretty weird getting automated phone calls talking about murder. I think the game was way ahead of its time.

I didn't play very long but it was interesting getting IMs from other players - at least I think they were real players - asking what was going on and what they should do next. It seemed to foster a sense of comradeship pretty quickly.
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I was heavily into it. Then 9/11 happened, and I remember receiving an email from Majestic saying that the game was closed indefinitely. I'll search through my mail archives to see if I still have it.
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Somewhere there is a blog comment by one of the game developers that details what went wrong, but I'll be buggered if I can find it. There's an examination of some of the game issues at Stratics.com.
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I'd actually like to find out too. I met the man who eventually became my husband while playing that game.
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Ah, I found it! Postmortem by Greg Gibson, Majestic designer.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the link, Addle. Now I just have to find out about the conspiracy in the game and how far it went. Any other thoughts, ya'll?
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Drat, I misread your question and thought you wanted to know what happened TO the game, rather than IN the game. Sorry about that!

But if you're looking for games of that nature to play today, take a peek at Alternate Reality Games. They share many of the things that people loved about Majestic.
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