Educational cartoon short about oil/petroleum?
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I'm looking for a great short educational cartoon about oil and petroleum that may or may not have been posted in the blue a long time ago, definitely elsewhere on the net. My extensive searching has uncovered nothing and someone else may simply remember the title. It was 50's cartoony, obviously biased in favor of the industry, but seemed scientifically accurate. Any clue?
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There is the Schoolhouse Rock Energy Blues, but I suspect that's not what your looking for.
posted by -t at 5:16 PM on March 17, 2008

Do you mean this cartoon? 50s anti-capitalism/pro oil cartoon involving aliens/martians.
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erm, I mean PRO-capitalism.
posted by hylaride at 6:37 PM on March 17, 2008

Response by poster: No, it was more straightforward, like "Here's the refinery. See how the smokestacks have filters on the top? This is where the crude oil is refined into more useful things, like gasoline, petroleum jelly, blah blah blah." With animated accompaniment.
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It was on the blue? Was it one of the ones posted here?
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Best answer: How about "The Inside Story of Modern Gasoline"?
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Response by poster: aha!! we've struck upon it! Thanks Galaxie500.
posted by BlackLeotardFront at 1:46 PM on March 18, 2008

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