Where to buy a trombone in San Francisco?
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What is a good place to buy either a new or used trombone in San Francisco? Trombone repairs?

I have a cheap Bundy student trombone that I'm re-learning to play on. However it has some notable flaws: the metal buzzes / vibrates unpleasantly at certain notes, the slide does not move easily (audible sound of the inner slide contacting the outer) and is really just a cheap trombone anyway that I got second-hand years ago.

What would be a good music store in San Francisco to see about repairing it (I'm not sure it's worth the cost -- I tried once before and it didn't seem to give good results)? But more likely I will eventually buy a higher quality instrument -- what is a good place for either purchasing a good used one or is good for buying new ones? It's hard to say from googling what would be a good place and I don't really know anyone locally who could help -- most of the musicians I know play guitar or drums. Craigslist / ebay are pretty much out -- craigslist doesn't turn up much locally (I have no car) and I don't want to deal with judging instrument quality through an ebay listing.
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Try Union Music on Market between Octavia and Gough. They have band instruments and should be able to repair or point you toward a decent new horn. Alternatively, you could rent from there as well until you're sure of what you want. Also, Noe Valley Music on 24th St. has horns.
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Now, its been a while since I was in the market for horn repairs in the Bay Area, but back in the day Best Music out in Oakland had the primo repair department. Got my horn from there when I was a student and took it back there a number of times for various dents and dings. Always did nice work and were easy to get loaners from.
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My former Marine Band brother 2nds Best Music in Oakland for brass stuff.

It's right at the 19th St BART entrance so it is probably as easy for you to get to as anywhere in SF.
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Thanks all. Looks like Best Music to get the 'bone fixed (hopefully) and Union for closer stuff when I need it. Maybe shopping (though I like Best's selection better...)
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