Best way to get digital photos from 20+ disposable cameras?
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Whats the cheapest and easiest way to get high-quality digital photos from 20 disposable cameras?

At our recent wedding reception we set out disposable cameras on each table, so that the guests could snap some pictures. Now I have 20 cameras, each with 27 photos on them that I need to get developed. Since most of the pictures will likely be crap, I'd like to just get high-res digital copies (on a CD, most likely). That way, I can go through and only print the ones that are decent.

I know that Target photo lab will give me a photo CD, but I've heard that they're fairly low resolution pics (is this still true?) Scanning regular prints would work, but would be a pain in the butt for this many pictures.

I've also seen previous threads like this, but they're from 2005 and I know that the digital photo business has gotten much bigger since then.

So, what stores or services will do this for me inexpensively?
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Costco is pretty cheap. I just had half a dozen old rolls of film developed with photo CDs for about $7 (CDN) a roll, all in. You have to be a member though.
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Walgreens is $6.99/100 photos and the scans are pretty good.
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Seconding Costco.. best service short of a pro-lab. They'll put your negatives in sleeves (something many places no longer do) and scan your photos at a fairly high resolution (2000+ pixels on the long-side).
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I've always used Clark Color Labs for this. You can print out a mailer. Looks like they'll charge you $4.49 per roll for 3.5x5 single prints plus online photos, ot $6.49 for single prints plus a CD. Their "high-res" photos are 1612x1024 standard, but they may be able to to other resolutions or omit the prints. I'd email them.
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Response by poster: Turns out Target will provide picture CDs at a halfway decent resoution (1200xsomething). It's relatively cheap too - only 2 or 3 bucks a roll, and you get the negatives back in case you want high-res prints later.

Thanks for the input everyone.
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