60 60th Birthday Ideas With "60" In Them. Let's Do It!
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What are some creative, gaggy/silly birthday gifts with the number "60" in them?

My girlfriend's aunt is turning 60 in a few weeks, and her thought was to try and round up a whole bunch of different, smallish type gifts that have the number 60 in them.

For example, a box of Kleenex with 60 tissues in them, or, a 60th anniversary edition of something (doesn't really matter what).

Again, it matters not how hokey these gifts are, just that they have something to do with the number 60!

Bonus points for anything involving Star Trek or baseball, as those are two of said aunt's interests.

FWIW, the aunt lives in Buffalo, NY, and we're in the DFW area in Texas (any regional ideas maybe?).

Thanks HiveMind!
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Penguin published a bunch of little books on account of their 60th anniversary. Sometimes they are called "Penguin 60s." They also have some 60th anniversary edition Penguin Classics.

Maybe a cheapo copy of Gone in 60 Seconds?
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60 tribbles.

I win.
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Okay. I had to post that idea before anyone else thought of it, because seriously, I win. And yes, coming up with the best idea for this is a contest.

Moving on, some other ideas.
60 baseball cards. Shouldn't be too difficult or expensive.
60 of those little mini batting helmets you can get a sundae in some places.
60 episodes of star trek
A baseball jersey with #60 and a name like "Old Fart" or whatever.
A voucher for 60 inches of snow, completely free of cost.
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ok this is not quite right, but maybe the asterisk will make up for it: 61*.
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One full 40 oz. beer + One half-full 40 oz. beer = 60 oz. of beer (also 5 x 12 oz. beers)
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My father hooked up a 60w light bulb with my gran's cake for her 60th, I've always thought that was awesome.
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