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Help me find this cryptography book...

I remember reading a history of cryptography. One story it told was about a guy who was looking for a book about WW2 codes, which had been printed, then recalled and destroyed. He found a copy in a library, drove there and made a copy.

So, the questions are:

Where would I have read this story?

Who was the guy?

What was the book?

Is it on-line?

I know Stephenson had a version of this in "Cryptonomicon," but that's not what I mean.
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Could it have been The Code Breakers or The Puzzle Palace?
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Part of the movie Zodiac involved cartoonist Robert Graysmith researching WW2 code books which might have influenced serial killer Zodiac's code scheme. They found some of the books stolen from libraries in the area, one theory being the killer wanted to cover his tracks.
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That story is not in "The Codebreakers". I've read that book four times and don't remember any such incident mentioned in it.
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Best answer: This sounds like the story: John Gilmore finding two volumes of Lieut. Col. William F. Friedman's book published during World War II (NY Times). Don't know what book it's in, though.
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The story is vaguely familiar, and the only full length book on the subject I've read is Steven Levy's Crypto. Those two facts could be related, I suppose.
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The Gilmore/Friedman anecdote does appear in Crypto. I followed ^Lentrohamsanin's link and did a "Search Inside" (p. 208-209).

Here's a list of Friedman's works on WorldCat. Looks like he wrote some interesting stuff on the use of codes and cyphers in Poe, Verne, and Chaucer. I think Military Cryptanalysis (1939-1943) is the four-volume set in question.
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Another possibility, Singh's The Code Book
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Response by poster: I think the book was "Crypto," only my library can confirm.

NY Times article was spot on, thanks!
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