Finding a graphic designer for an open source project
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Where can I find a graphic/web designer to volunteer some help for an open source project?

I'm working on a medium-popular open-source software project, and think we need a look-and-feel overhaul (website template, logo, etc.). The software is phenomenal, but the visual design of the website and logo is a bit of a joke, and probably turns away potential users. I have no graphic design skills and suspect none of the other developers do either (though I will ask on the mailing list). Where can I recruit someone who might be able to contribute to an open-source project not as a programmer, but as a designer? (i.e. a volunteer, since we have little money.)
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Or Projects. Some of us who use open source for paid client work might be interested in giving back a bit, you know?
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If you are willing to gamble, various school programs need projects for their students to work on. MeFi mail me if you are interested and I will punt it to the web design instructor for the coming semester.
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