Effects of globalization in urban Ethiopia
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Give me examples of Globalization in urban Ethiopia

I have to create a paper about the effects of globalization in Ethiopia,however the only information that I can is over 30 years old.I'll accept positive and negative examples.
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I remember THIS from a while back.
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Ted talks did some interesting pieces on Ethopia-- building commodity markets etc, might have touched on globalisation.
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Mulatu Astatke and Ethio Jazz
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Hrmmm...given the nature of how academic databases work, I can't "give" you citations, but I can direct you to them. Unfortunately, sometimes you can't just type in the magic combination of words that give you a ready made thesis, already explained arguments, and a prefabricated conclusion.

When I typed in "Ethiopia" in my university's Academic Search Premier database it returned 1684 results in a title search. "Ethiopia" and "Globalization" did not return anything, but I'm sure I could find quite a bit if I database surfed.

Scan the titles of journal articles for factors related to globalism: import and export of resources, technology influx, developing & changing markets, reform, etc.. Scan them and look for the relationship to globalism. Take good notes. Profit with a good paper.

"Ethiopia Taps Grain Exchange In Its Battle On Hunger. "
"Ethiopia in the World Economy: Trade, Private Capital Flows, and Migration."
"Impact of Economic Reforms on Economic Issues: A Study of Ethiopia."
"Economic Performance, Trade, and the Exchange Rate in Ethiopia, 1990-2002."
"Socialism and Urbanization in Ethiopia, 1975-90: A Tale of Two Kebeles."

These are all very current sources.
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Does it have to be Ethiopia? When I had a class on developing nations and had to do a paper on the effects of globalization on local markets, I found that there were a lot of studies on Ghana, specifically their chocolate markets (this was right about when "fair trade" was sponsoring a bit of research).

My girlfriend, a librarian, recommends going to Sourceeocd.com, but more importantly consulting your academic librarian and coming up with a research plan. I can't tell whether or not you've done that from your question.
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Try not using the term "globalization" in your search. Your prof has probably given you dozens of examples of the effects of globalization in other regions.

Instead, read up on contemporary urban Ethiopia and you should be able to identify some ways that the world economy intersects with people's activities.
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