IT Forumz?
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Is there an IT Management Forum?

I work as a jack of all trades IT guy. There seem to be forums for everything under the sun, but I can't find anything that I might connect with IT Management folk, IT directors, non profit IT, or mental health IT. Thoughts? Anandtech has a decent tech forum, but conversations don't ever go past single PC conversations.
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I completely misread the question. Ignore the above.
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Response by poster: Humorous none the less!
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Probably the No I Will Not Fix Your #$@!ing Computer forum on

It's mostly IT people
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How about the forums on Ars Technica?
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Ars Technica is a good place in general. It might be worth asking there if you don't get a good answer here.
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This is probably the kind of forum you're looking for, but it's a bit sparsely populated right now.
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You might want to check out Educause. it is primarily for IT issues affecting higher education but a lot of the content could easily be translated into non-profit areas. There are a variety of listservs and forums covering everything from identity management to web development which are largely geared towards IT management.
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CharityChannel's website seems to be designed to annoy, but last time I checked the mailing lists were first-rate. Thoughtful discussion among nonprofit professionals. One of their lists is devoted to technology.
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