Three dog leash?
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WalkingDogFilter: Any experiences with three-dog leashes/couplers? I've seen several options online, but I'm looking for personal recommendations. Dogs are all about 15-20 pounds. Bonus for reducing tangling and/or pulling. Thanks!!!
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Not sure about couplers or anything for three dogs, but the Gentle Leader is really great for preventing pulling.

And I see a guy who walks three dogs around a lot, and he just has three separate leashes attached to a carabiner (sp?) with a handle attached to it as well....
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Another approach I've seen is to attach the dogs to each other and then a single lead to the middle dog. This has the effect of the dogs pull each other around but not you.
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I use some that are just a set of swivel hooks joined by a shortish length of nylon strapping. The hooks clip onto the dogs' collars and the leash clips onto which ever dog is going to walk closest to your side. The upside of clipping multiple dogs together is only gained if your mellow dogs outnumber your spazzy dogs. If the equation is reversed, the mellow dog gets dragged along. The other thing I've learned is to clip the males on the outside or they will inadvertently pee/mark on the dog in between them and the bush(es).
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Jamaro, all the dogs are fairly spazzy, so they sort of cancel each other out :-) Great tip about the male dog - thanks!
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I tried a two-dog coupler with a swivel on my pair of 12lb Rat Terrier (spaztastic!) and gave it up pretty quickly. It was actually easier to untangle two separate leads. Or get a friend to walk with! And that's only two! I can't imagine three of them. (Well, I can, but Mr. Foxydot says no more puppies until he his business is in the black.)
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Halti's are good for dogs who like to pull. The idea is that the muzzle is the attachment point, so if the dog pulls, it's head turns and it can't get any leverage. When there is no tension it opens wide enough to let the dog pant and eat/ drink.

We built a two dog lead by taking a 15 foot runner and attaching it to a Flexi leash by means of a large ring. The idea is that the dogs can easily move back and forth, but I can restrict their movement by retracting the flexi and locking it off. This system works well, and cost next to nothing, but I don't know if it could be easily adapted to add a third dog.

And if you do go with a Flexi leash, make sure you go with the ribbon kind and not the corded variety. The corded ones are less expensive, and a lot more common, but if the cord hits your skin while the dog is moving away fast, you will get a nasty rope burn (I sill bear a four inch scar from five years ago because of this.)

Dealing with multiple dogs increases the possibility of this happening, so do yourself the favor and get the kind that won't sting you.
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I've used the swivel leash for two dogs and it was a hge PITA, two separate leashes was much easier to deal with. Putting a pinch collar on the most opportunistic puller did a lot to restore order as well.

Those Halti and Gentle Leader things scream neck injury to me, especially if you're going to attaching dogs together. I've heard anecdotal evidence from my vet friends to back up my thoughts, don't know of any studies though.

(They are not comparable to halters used on horses, I have horses and their necks are about one million times stronger than a dogs, not to mention designed and attached differently.)
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Please do not use any halter or a Flexi with three dogs, the former is dangerous and the latter is inconsiderate of other people who will have to maneuver around you.

When I walk my two dogs together, I use a leash each, since that way I have individual control over each dog. Failing this (which I think is the preferable and most humane method, since dogs coupled together often end up dragging each other around which is unfair to the dog and also a great way to encourage pulling), I would get a two-dog coupler for the two most similar dogs (in terms of size, walking speed, leash manners, frequency of stops - don't couple an old-timer with a puppy, for example), and use an individual leash on the third (or at least use the individual leash on the most boisterous dog). I would not attach three dogs to each other, this is unsafe and unlikely to result in a reasonably comfortable walk for anyone concerned.
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I walk my three beasties w/ a leash each. However, sometimes when I walk 2 for extended distances, I use a regular 2 dog adapter thinger. I find that easy because they sort of force themselves to walk at the same pace and it makes it easier for me.

I would think that it should be easy to manufacture one from products found in the hardware section of your local hardware store. I mean, you basically just need to add another leg to a 2 dog setup.

Depending on the dogs, my favorite way to teach dogs not to pull (and man can it be difficult to not reward pulling by speeding up) is either a standard pinch collar ***ducks to avoid the haters*** or a triple-crown collar. TCC's are awesometastic. However, if you want to use one---you need a leash per dog so they're not receiving corrections from other dogs.

BTW--ya'll can hate on pinches and TCC's for being mean, but they SO AREN'T if you have a general clue what you're doing. TCC's look a little rough, but they're really very very nice.
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