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About tempeh. I've been driving 20 miles occasionally to get tempeh burgers from native foods . I've bought both of their cookbooks and I intend to start making my own burgers. I assume that I can I find tempeh at health food stores but I assume that there is a lot of variability between tempeh brands. I was hoping that I could get pointers to local brands (in Los Angeles) that would be well suited to making veggie burgers. Any tips on cooking tempeh would be appreciated too.
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I think tempeh is great with gado-gado.
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Self Link Tempeh Fries
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yeah, slice them up thin, oil a cookie sheet, place them on the sheet and bake until crispy. Any tempeh-hater will change their minds after tasting that. mmmm..

rdr, the truth is, go ahead and cook it like you'd cook a hamburger. chop it up and stir fry it. Marinate it and barbeque it. Whatever you do, make sure you COOK it.
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