Jonesing for the taste of lime-flavored Tostitos
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I love lime-flavored Tostitos. How can I duplicate that tongue-curling oh-so-nasty salty/lime-y taste at home?

If I were making a lime-y flatbread/cracker, what would I sprinkle on it? How would I flavor it?

(I can't believe I'm using my question on this, but there it is. Darn you, ourobouros, for tempting me to thoughts of lavosh on the spicy/seedy side...)
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Best answer: Easy! I discovered this when I realized that the Lime Tostitos had MSG.
You want this. I'm able to find it in the baking section of my grocery store. 3-4 packets will do an entire bag o' chips.
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I'm pretty sure the key ingredient you want is powdered citric acid. Here's one source. You might check the ingredients list of the Tostitos to confirm this, but I'm pretty sure I'm right.

Plus salt of course.
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1 cut and fry tortillas
2 salt resultant chips
3 cut lime in to wedges
4 squeeze wedge over chips
5 eat top layer of chips till lime flavor runs out
6 go back to 4
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Cat Pie Hurts' suggestion looks good too; it's basically just citric acid with lime/lemon flavoring and some stabilizers.
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oh wait you are looking for an oh-so-nasty flavor. In that case disregard my earlier comment.
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Response by poster: Cat Pie Hurts, thank you! IT EXISTS!

DH and I were in the bulk foods aisle when we spotted a tub of "cheese-flavored" powder... you know, the florescent orange stuff on cheese puffs and other snack foods. I started looking for its lime equivalent but no joy. Now I know that it really is out there!

Subtle_squid: Yeah, nasty flavor is what I'm after. When lime-flavored Tostitos first came out, they became my guilty snacking pleasure. Lately, they've seemed... watered down. Less tingly on the tongue. Missing that nasty, lime-y oomph. I want to experiment and besides, really? Powdered lime? It's just so wrong that it must be good.

Hihowareyou: No fear. I love salt.

Thanks, all.
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What you want is Lucas. They also make a hot one if you like the taste of Flamin' Hot Cheetos with Lime.
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Oh, noes, you don't want Lucas. Apperently it's been discontinued due to lead in the product. Yikes.
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Twang is a non-Lucas, non-lead brand of ... well, basically of Lucas. That's what you want. Mmm. Not sure how hard it is to find outside of Texas, though. Mmm, beer salt.
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Best answer: Twang looks awesome, fiercecupcake!

MonkeyToes: If you want to get really close to the Lime Tostitos flavor, to 1 bag of corn chips add 4-6 packets of the lime powder, about 1 tsp of garlic powder and 1 tsp of onion powder. Salt to taste and shake it up. If you want to make them taste AMAZING, get some Accent (MSG) and add some (damn my MSG intolerance!).
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I love'em too, which is regrettable, because it means they will stop making them inside a couple months. Sorry. (I also killed Sesame Seed Doritos back in the 70's by developing a passion for them too.)
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Just popped in to say MWAH HA HA! Also, I'm getting me some Twang. That chili-lime stuff looks like it would be delicious on some home-made lavash.
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On the plus side, CatPieHurts's find might be more available than the delicious-looking Twang stuff. Thanks, all!
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Alton Brown's got this covered.
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Hmmmm. Bet that stuff would work on cashews too!
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The salt and the lime flavoring, yes. But that extra oomph of oh-so-nasty comes from MSG. Which apparently, is not quite as bad (in small doses) as we've been told over the years.
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Wait, they used to have sesame seed Doritos?! DAMN that sounds awesome!

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These chips have been around forever. Maybe they just now started shipping them outside of TX. Anyway, I don't think they're going away any time soon.
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