Socially conscious arts calendars in NYC?
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Does anybody know if there is one website that aggregates all of the do-gooder/socially conscious arts happenings and events in NYC? Or if there is not one mega calendar, are there smaller ones devoted to a specific art form ie. socially conscious films, do-gooder theatre, etc...? Thanks!
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Check out "nonsense nyc" It is a biweekly-ish email newsletter that lists a lot of eclectic happenings. It may not be exactly what you want but it lists a lot of really good art events. I'm sure or would also be helpful with a little poking around.

I just happen to be trying to get in to the business of having socially conscious art happenings at the community center I live at "The Biko Transformation Center" and we're having do-gooder/socially conscious art show this friday, so if you are desperate for neighbor-loving art please come by.
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- Slimehag's progressive/Burner events calendar at

- massive nyc spoken word calendar at

- ask ABC No Rio (visit them if you're here) -- they are a hotbed.
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Cosmopolity will have good things in this vein every so often.
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