What is the best platform for rendering on OS X?
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What are the best options for digital rendering in OS X?

I'm jumping back into the world of rendering after a year hiatus. The studio I'm working at currently models in sketchup.. and my default strategy is to export out of sketchup, and import it into rhino and render with vray. However, I am running Rhino on an emulator and performance is not optimal. Furthermore, I'm wondering about the distinction between the way sketchup models and rhino.. will exporting sketchup into Rhino cause me grief.

So.. metacrowd: What are the best photorealistic rendering options that run native in OS X?
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Best answer: I haven't used it but my renderFriends™ say Maxwell is the software to have.
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Response by poster: Actually, I didn't even know Maxwell was on OS X! I've been wanting to play with it for ages... any other options people? I'd love to ditch my install of Windows on my machine so I'd love to hear any OS X / Intel options out there.

I'll miss rhino, but I can wait several months for it finally be released on OS X. :)
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Checkout Modo Luxology, more of a full package with modeling and rendering in it, but it works well, as my friends at my last job have started using it after dropping alias / autodesk / maya as a product they sold.

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