Social Netwoking CMS or not?
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Can anyone tell me if this website was built from the ground up or used a CMS of some sort?

There are a number of social networking site platforms out there, did they use one of them? Thanks!
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This doesn't directly answer your question but the site front page has links to the designer and builder; perhaps you could ask them.
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I'd put a couple of dollars towards ground up-- all the links are
most decent CMS's would deal with that with directory rewriting, like
Hard to really tell for sure though-- but I'd vote custom-job.
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The comments in the generated HTML indicate it was built with Dreamweaver. So, yeah, not a CMS package.
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It was built in dreamweaver, uses PayPal for the store, and whatever's behind the login is PHP. All this says that the back end isn't very sophisticated, likely not an 'enterprise software' deal.
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