Where can I get some Lady Bugs in West LA?
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Where can I get some Lady Bugs in West LA? I'm looking to protect a garden from other insects. Thanks! I'm in the mar vista/culver city area.
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I vividly recall buying some at Anawalt a few years ago.
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Try calling Armstrong, I've definitely seen them there before. If they have them in stock, they keep them at the checkout counter.
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I think I've seen them at the Orchard Supply Hardware on Bundy, back through the sliding doors into the garden department, on the left side. I can't guarantee that, however.
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You can order them online if you can't find them near you.
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I second the Anawalt suggestion, plus it's an overall great store.
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Best answer: Orchard Supply Hardware regularly stocks Lady Bugs and several other predatory insects. They also carry a good selection of Earth friendly and organic pest controls. Talk with the garden person at any OSH in your area.
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Sharing of personal experience: Though the packaging contains instructions on how/when/where to release them so that they stay in your garden, it's never, ever worked for me. I suspect that my neighbors' gardens, however, benefit greatly. I've always wanted to try releasing them several doors down to see if that would make my garden more attractive to them.

I've had better luck with praying mantises. (The egg cases are stocked right next to the ladybugs in my garden store.) They stick around for longer and their diet is much more varied. However, you have to wait for them to hatch, which can be frustrating.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody! I ended up finding some thanks for all the suggestions :)
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