Help me find this hoodie!
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TreasureHuntFilter: Does anyone have any idea where I can find the hoodie on the lady on the far right in this picture?

I want it! I did a fair bit of googling to no avail--all I found was the Emily the Strange hoodie, and that's not the same pattern.

Totally a shot in the dark, but I fell in love with that little hoodie the first time I saw it :( Any information is appreciated!

(Hoodie lady is Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil if that helps)
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It's not on this page, but perhaps you might want to contact this person? Their clothing is vaguely similar, and they might have better input on where your hoodie-at-large originated.

I would also suggest googling felpa and gatto, and possibly cappuccio (Italian for sweatshirt, cat, and hood, respectively), which is how I stumbled across the above link. Expanding your search to include Italian words (since wikipedia tells me that Lacuna Coil heralds from Italy) will broaden your leads.

OH OH OH and check out this hoodie from Attitude Clothing (in England). It looks pretty similar to the one you posted....perhaps it's the same label?
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Upon further research, I would suggest that you ask the maintainers of the Other Clothing Blog. If anyone would know, I'd reckon it'd be them.
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Well, this isn't guaranteed, but I think I have a pretty good lead: Thrifty Beatnik out of Durham, UK sells this black/red striped hoodie with 'horns'. They also sell this plain-hooded red-checked hoodie. Put the two together and you've got it. What if, say on a long bus tour of Europe, Ms. Scabbia fashioned cat ears and sewed them onto her vintage checkered hoodie? Alternatively, I've come to understand that clip-on cat ears are available in a wide array of colors and patterns.

Anyway, the cat ears on hooded clothing phenomenon seems to be concentrated around rave culture. You might want to look into that more. Also, that ugly Death Kitty hoodie that shows up everywhere (hot topic?) is a no-go, in my opinion.
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Emily Strange has a similar hoodie in black.
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