Looking for awesome hip-hop mashups
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Where can I find some awesome hip-hop mashups?

For most of my life, I've been sorta "meh" on the whole hip-hop thing. However, all of this changed when one of my friends introduced me to The Kleptones' "A Night at the Hip-Hopera" and DJ Dangermouse's "The Grey Album." It turns out that a part of my brain responds ecstatically to high-quality hip-hop set to music that I love.

What blogs/websites/DJs should I be familiar with? Sites with downloadable material are especially appreciated.

Also - as a side note - does anybody know of a good (Windows) utility for downloading MP3s from blogs? Winamp has a feature that's supposed to do this, but it never works for me.
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Best answer: Girl Talk
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Best answer: The Hood Internet. All you need.
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Back when everyone and their mother was making Jay-Z mashups, my favorite one was The Slack Album. It was a near perfect mix of Jay-Z and Pavement. Sadly it seems that the website where you could download it no longer exists.
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second Girl Talk- Night Ripper is his best.
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Oink used to be awesome for finding these albums. Too bad they got closed down. If you have memberships to the Oink replacements (I wish I did, can't check for ya).

This: http://www.discogs.com/release/618853 (Quentin Tarantino Mash Up by James Hyman) was a good mashup album, if you can find the torrent.
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Best answer: Best of Bootie CDs are free and downloadable.
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Best answer: seconding girl talk - that's probably the best stuff out there.

check out tim fite's over the counter culture.

go to hypem.com and search for mashup (or mash-up, mash up, etc.).

check out this lifehacker.com entry about google search, using the same queries as above for hype machine.
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diplo's essential mix from 2007 is awesome. It has lots of mashed up goodness. Less rap, but still very very respectable.
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Best answer: Blogs? Check out this blogroll at the TofuHut.
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Best answer: Get thee to the The Hood Internet Indie rock meets Dirty South Krunk. R. Kelly meets Rogue Wave, Lil Wayne vs. Modest Mouse, T.I. vs Fujiya & Miyagi , and even TLC via Led Zeppelin. Any mash-up worth its salt has got to better than listening to any song individually. The even do photo-mashups of the artists together that look just as convincing as the songs are. And they're playing SXSW if you happen to be in Austin,TX this weekend.
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Best answer: Bootie is an awesome monthly mashup party that posts lots of mashups on their website and blog.
Get Your Bootleg On is a mashup forum.
YourSpins is a mashup community with contests and the like
MashupTown is s so-so mashup blog.

But, yeah. The Hood Internet is pretty much all you need.
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Best answer: Also, the Download Embedded Firefox extension lets you readily batch download embedded files like mp3s from a website.
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Best answer: does anybody know of a good (Windows) utility for downloading MP3s from blogs?

There's a great add-on for the firefox browser called downloadthemall that lets you download all the MP3s on a page in just a few clicks.
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Best answer: DJs On Strike
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Best answer: DJ Prizefighter does a bunch of these, although they are hip-hop mashed up with other hip-hop. I haven't listened to any of the new stuff, but his (her?) old stuff was teh awesome.
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ncc1701d: thanks for that tim fite link. That's one of the most interesting things I've heard in months.
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Sorry, apparently the mp3 links at the DJ Prizefighter site don't work. And wow, Girl Talk is completely badass.
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Go get the rest of The Kleptones' stuff, if you haven't already.

Yoshimi Battles the Hip-Hop Robots is what got me started. From Detroit to J.A. and 24 Hours have a wider variety of music; they're not concentrating specifically on hip-hop, but still worth a listen.
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Given the link you posted in your question, you've probably already been to mine. I should have checked first. Sorry about that.(and for the double)
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Seconding the Best of Bootie albums. They're awesome. (The 2007 one starts with a Star Wars mashup that had me physically laughing during a jog.)
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WEST SOUNDS (if you can find it). I think it was the college dropout (kanye west) remixed with Pet Sounds (beach boys). Awesome.
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Best answer: Seconding the hood internet. I also would recommend the following:
Ratatat has a good mix that they just released (there's also a volume 1 that was good).
I also like (and this is a bit older and sillier) DJ ZTrip's uneasy listening vol 1 . This has some remarkable shit.
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Best answer: Give DJ Swindle a shot. I can vouch for the Bob-Marley-Meets-Mobb-Deep mash, as well as the Nas-via-Al-Green tracks.

Thanks for asking this, by the way. I was just about to do the same.
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Best answer: Loo & Placido.
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Best answer: Mashup of Queen and 50 Cent: Q-Unit
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Best answer: Try McSleazy, team 9 and go home productions for specific kick ass remixers.
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Response by poster: Wow, what an awesome thread. This is going to keep me busy for a while. Thanks, all!
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Damn. Girl Talk isn't on iTunes.
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Bangfest by Ludachrist is one of the best I have heard.
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Girl Talk's Feed The Animals is good stuff and is available for name-your-own-price.
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