Seeking iCalendar for Chicago Events (or Just Cool iCalendars)
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I'm primarily looking for the most complete iCalendar out there that catalogs Chicago activities and goings-on; secondarily, I'm looking for cool iCalendars in general.

I'm aware that both websites and RSS feeds exist on which you can find Chicago activities, and I know most of the good sites that list same. However, given that I consult my Google Calendar each and every day, something to which I could subscribe via Google Calendar would be most convenient.

I am subscribed to those iCalendars I could find, such as the personalized one that Meetup makes available, and one or two for particular groups in some of my interest areas.

Given that the above question is very specialized, if instead you know of a rather cool iCalendar (I'm subscribed to (i) movie releases (ii) astronomical events (iii) DVD releases (iv) Julian date and (v) a personalized TV schedule iCal on PogDesign), I'd love to hear what you got.

For those who need clarification, BTW, iCalendar != iCal.
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<self-link>I work on a national concert aggregator site that provides iCal(endar) listings. Our Chicago page has a link to a Chicago concert iCal(endar).</self-link>
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Thanks, Scott. That looks useful; I'm hoping there's one that encapsulates a wide range of interests, but that will be useful to put on there.
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Nuts. No other responses? Even to the general query of "cool iCalendars"?
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Not sure if this is quite what you're looking for, but recently added iCal support on all their feeds. Link goes to the Chicago page, if it looks like what you're looking for, iCal is an option under the "Subscribe" menu.
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That's really very cool, aranyx; thank you. For some reason their "add to gCal" link didn't serve me, but copying and pasting the URL into Google Calendar's "Add Calendar URL" feature ended up working fine.
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Just for reference's sake, it looks like searching for 'filetype:ics' on Google yields a lot of online iCalendars as well. Combining it with a search term might be quite useful.
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However, it's a fairly blind search; the title and description are very code-ish, so you have to look at the URL and make a wild guess.
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Mike -- I've added all the local sports events calenders that I could find to my google calender, or just added it myself for the things I'm interested in. I'm right by the Allstate Arena and not too far from the Sears center, so I added the Chicago Rush indoor football and the Chicago Slaughter indoor football and the Chicago and the Shamrox, the indoor soccer team and whatever else I could find that I'm interested in. It's stuff I'm interested in, instead of everything though.

send me a mefimail and I can clean it up and share it with you.
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Garlic, I really appreciate the offer, but I must admit I'm not a sports fan.
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crazy talk!

I think the answer is make it yourself from places like metromix, unfortunately.
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