Bra fitting in Philadelphia?
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So...know anyone who can give me a good bra fitting in the Philadelphia area? [approaching TMI inside, just as a forewarning]

Pretty straightforward -- I've got a very non-unusual build, but I'd love to be fitted properly for a bra, and I've got a little extra cash I'm willing to drop on it. Anyone have any recommendations?

Bonus points for:

-Something in Philadelphia/Center City proper

-While I realize that nine-hundred year old Italian ladies are most likely to be brilliant at this, it would be really nice if they're not weirded out by nipple piercings.

-I've got some dosh to drop, but not limitless amounts; I'm willing to spend a good chunk on one bra, though, if you swear it will change my life.

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No lead on bras, sorry. But if you would like to try a corset, Delicious Boutique in Northern Liberties just custom made me a gorgeous corset that makes me feel like an entirely different person when I have it on. It was rather spendy, though the construction totally makes up for it.

and out of the four shops I've received personalized help at since piercing my girls - no one has batted an eye at them. Don't worry about it.
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Nordstrom's is the best at this. A little expensive, but three things:

1. They don't strong-arm you into buying the bra, so you can go home and purchase it online (I like for the purchasing part; they usually have good sales, and once you know what size you are in what brand you like, it's usually the same across-the-board for that brand)
2. They're often staffed by younger, hipper type people
3. They really, really know how to fit a bra

However, the closest one to Philadelphia is in King of Prussia, PA (I assume at the mall). It looks like it's about a half hour away. I would still say that it's worth the trip, though. Going to Nordstrom's for a fitting actually changed my life, as stupid as that sounds.

Also, Jezebel just had a nice snarky post making fun of a Glamour magazine cover: The Purpose of the Bra Revealed at Last in Glamour with some good reader comments on bra purchasing. Looks like everyone there is recommending Nordstrom's as well, but there might be some other ideas in that thread.
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Ugh. Didn't realize you said you'd spend cash if the bra would change your life. I wasn't trying to be rude with my comment re: stupidity. I just never say things like "this bra changed my life," so I felt silly coming out with that. But seriously, it changed my life.
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There is a place on 17th St in between Samson and Walnut that does fittings, I believe. I have never been there, so I can't vouch for them, but I do have heard raves about their fittings. They tend to sell more upscale items like Cosabella. has them as: Coeur Incorporated 132 S 17th St (215) 972-0373.
I'd give them a shout to make sure there are no particular hours for fittings. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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I have had great success with Nordstrom as well. Their bras are a little pricey, but it's worth it to find one that fits and lasts.
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Yup, Nordstrom. I walked in and asked for help finding a bra. As the saleswoman was walking in front of me, I said "I'm a 34B." Without even turning around, she says, "I don't think so" all deadpan. I never even saw her look at me. Stealthy! And after measuring it turned out I was a 32C! I was always rolling my eyes at those "Are you wearing the wrong size bra?" articles in women's magazines but turns out the answer was yes.
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no philly recommendations, but if you're at all plus size, bra fittings kinda suck. not because of "omg teh fatsorz" but because most folks just aren't used to measuring us and don't realize that we're "squishier" than skinny girls. so a fitting is often for naught. and, you know, nordstrom's et al don't carry huge band size bras.

fyi, ymmv, etc.
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Ha! Enroute, the same thing happened to me when I got talked into being in an article about bra fittings here in Cleveland. Those old school department store ladies know their stuff!
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Response by poster: Thanks you guys! Due to my amazing laziness (KOP mall isn't far away, but it involves getting a car from Philly Car Share and actually driving on the Expressway, which I loathe), I'll be dropping by Coeur Incorporated later this week. Particularly since it's just around the corner from where I work, and I can go on my lunch hour. If I get no love there, I'll try Nordstrom's next.

misanthropicsarah -- I dance upon the borderline of plus-size, depending on where I shop, so thank you for the advice :) It looks like Coeur Incorporated carries larger sizes, so hopefully they'll be better equipped to deal with my big ol' ribcage.

poipill - I love Delicious Corsets. I only wish I could justify dropping the cash for one...

k8lin -- no worries; the 'will change my life' was a little tongue-in-cheek anyway ;) And it was the Jezebel article that rather stirred me into this, actually.
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I've found Nordstroms to be fine with larger sizes, actually. They have a pretty decent selection and the salespeople have been helpful. That said, I'd probably use this as an excuse to take the train to NYC, where you'd find a much larger selection.
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Jump on the Metroliner and go to Bra Smyth in New York. It's the best.
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Nordstrom's is the best at this.

Unless you are a larger cup size/ smaller band size which they don't carry and they will try to sell you something completely unsuitable. Had this happen to me at 5 or 6 different stores of theirs. I'm a 32" and they tried to convince me I wore a 36" band!
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If you do go to NYC, make a fitting appointment at Intimacy, 1252 Madison Avenue. When I realized that I'd never go through with breast reduction surgery, I decided to spend whatever it took to buy well-fitting bras. I went to Intimacy in Chicago (where Oprah buys her bras!) and discovered that I needed to go down one band size and up three! cup sizes. The fitters at Intimacy do not measure. They look at you in your current bra and just know.
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There is a SEPTA bus (or two) that goes straight to the KoP mall from City Hall, if you loathe the expressway. As you should.
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Although outside Philadelphia, there is an bra shop in Cherry Hill called Chrysi's Bra Boutique on Rt 70 that specializes in bra fittings. My female relatives all have had great success there, but please note the staff there are older ladies who seem to have been doing this their whole lives who are very professional. Most of their sales & fittings seem to be for larger-breasted women. You could probably get out there on Septa/NJT rather easily from center city.
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