Affordable Mental Health
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What resources are available in the Phoenix/Mesa area for a 26 year-old male who suffers from depression and is uninsured?

Specifically, are there low-cost clinics available? Ways to search for cheap therapists? Any organizations that can give me even the most basic guidance?

I know I will probably have to find a therapist who works on a sliding scale, but, beyond that, I don't know where to look or how to begin.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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Health insurance is always a good thing to have. Do you qualify for AHCCCS? If you're single and male, probably not unfortunately. If you get denied, you can work with Maricopa County Hospital for financial assistance.

If you don't want to, or can't take the AHCCCS route, the Desert Vista Behavioral Health Center does outpatient therapy at reduced rates for those who aren't able to afford the care.
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I don't know about Phoenix/Mesa specifically, but many universities with graduate clinical psychology or psychiatry programs offer free counseling from their graduate students. The grad students are usually near the end of their program and thus only a few months away from being a "real" psychologist or psychiatrist anyway, and depression is a common enough problem that I'd expect they'd have enough exposure/education/experience with it to do a competent job. I would call the psychology department at your local university(ies) and ask if there is such a program at their school.
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DBSA Phoenix
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Is a free online CBT course that may be helpful.
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Try this site - call anyone of those numbers and ask specifically about what your needs are. Someone will come through for you. Take good care.
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I'd suggest calling Community Information & Referral:

602-263-8856 from anywhere
800-352-3792 within area codes 520 & 928
TDD/TTY callers, please use Arizona Relay (800-367-8939)
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