Watch Hulu and other sites from overseas
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I live outside the US but I'd like to watch US based content on my Mac from places like Hulu. Is there an easy Mac application that will seek out a working US proxy and make all the changes? I'm thinking of something with a big on/off I've played with the massive proxy lists- but most of them seem to not be working. I would pay for an easy solution.
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You could try Vidalia which offers a very easy Mac OS X installer. To request an exit node that is within the US, you would need to do something like the steps described in this blog post. I have not tried this with Hulu and the performance may be rather slow, but it should produce the desired result.
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Best answer: Hotspot Shield has been recommended in similar situations. I just checked it out on my Mac, from outside the U.S., and it worked for me.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I have Vidalia - and that Blog post looks useful. I will give this a try if I can't find a nice shrink wrapped solution.
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Response by poster: Thanks Veggieboy - Hotspot Shield was exactly what I was looking for- just installed it and it works great. Ta.
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Hmm. So this would probably also work for people outside the UK who wanted to watch the BBC's Albion-only streaming service, eh? Hmmm.
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Response by poster: Probably not mumkin- because the proxy service makes them thank you are in the United States. You would need one that makes your computer appear to be in the UK.
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