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Recommend a voice teacher in Los Angeles, if you please.

Where can a idiosyncratic but ambitious songwriter go for some non-American Idol-poisoned singing lessons in Los Angeles/Hollywood?

I recently moved out here from Boston, where the talent pool is a lot smaller and the music scene is slightly less ... well ... insane. Although I'm an accomplished enough musician, my voice (quite good in its raw form) would be amazing with some sustained work. Also, as a self-taught muso, I never learned to properly read music, so I'm starting at a bit of a handicap versus all my conservatory-scrubbed brethren.

Although I generally believe the underlying principles of voice are fundamental to all singing styles, in case you need to know, I will primarily be performing in a sort of Liz Fraser-meets-Joni Mitchell sort of vein. (And, yes, I'm a boy.)

Any suggestions for Voice 101 lessons in my neck of the woods?
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Best answer: Try Lis Lewis. I've heard good things about her and she's given me some very supportive free advice over the years, which I really appreciated. She's worked with a lot of good people and was also a consultant vocal coach on Rockstar Supernova.
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Best answer: I have a friend who takes voice lessons from Ariella Forstein.

She says, "Ariella has sung a great deal of music in many different styles, tending to approach vocal instruction in a very 'holistic' sort of way primarily guided by the student. Also probably no issue that he doesn't read music but she'd probably have him learn some... I'd say, yes, provided that he's open to being taught!"
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Response by poster: Thanks to you both!
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MeMail me and let me know if you use Lis & how you liked her. I'm really curious. I've never gotten the chance to study with her but I liked what I've seen/heard of her teaching style.
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