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Powerpoint Filter: How can I set the default font size for a chart axis in powerpoint 2007?

Every time I create a chart or hit the 'reset to style' command in Powerpoint 2007, the fonts in the chart reset to a cartoonish 18pt font. Is there any way to change the way to change this behavior to default to the font size I want? I'm tried messing around with the master slides to no avail. Can any Powerpoint gurus save me from insanity?
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I always do the charts in excel but in 2007 they use the same engine so the first time you change the axis to the desired size, click on the "save as template" and then use that slide template whenever you enter chart. You can also select "set as default chart" from the chart menu. The charts have little to do with the slide masters, styles, and all that crap.
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I avoid building charts and graphs in PPT at all costs. My preferred method is to build them in Excel and then Paste --> Paste Special --> As Picture.

This gives you a static image for the chart with formatting that can't be messed with, though of course you can resize it.

As a bonus, you're not storing all the data used to the generate a PPT chart so it keeps the overall size of your PPT file down, which can make a difference if you intend to distribute via email, for example.
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