Is there another method of placing bumper stickers?
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For school, we are required to have this bumper sticker on either our back bumpers or back windshield. I am highly anti-bumper sticker, so I have not even considered placing the sticker on my bumper, thats out of the question. Is there an "easy" way or method or trick to place the sticker on the inside of my back windshield that can be easily removed?
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Scotch Tape ?
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Double. Sided. Tape.

They have the stuff everywhere, Walmart, OfficeMax/Depot, Staples, wherever. Most varieties are clear, I have some good stuff similar to the second link that works well. If there's any trouble removing the tape after you no longer need your sticker, use a razor blade to scrape it away (tried and true method)
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well, you can use some clear tape and tape it on from the inside. that was what friends in high school did when they got their parents' cars but were not allowed to actually stick stickers on them
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Tape it to some of the plastic you can get at the craft store to make your own window clings. It won't stick like mad, but it'll likely stick well enough. Scotch tape directly on the window might not tolerate the cold or direct sunlight as long as you'd need it to.
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If it's a parking sticker, check your school's rules to make sure you're allowed to use temporary adhesives. At the univ where I used to work, we were explicity told not to and miscreants were ticketed. The stickers must be permanently adhered (I suppose to prevent students from sharing a permit, which is quite expensive).
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A razor blade and a bottle of goo-gone will remove virtually anything from your window glass, when it comes time. Just stick it to your window already.
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Seconding toxic. Stick it to your window and then remove it with a razor. It takes like five minutes to remove when the time comes.
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Stick it to your window and then remove it with a razor. It takes like five minutes to remove when the time comes.

Be sure NOT to put the sticker over your defroster/defogger lines on the inside of your back window! The razor trick has a high likelihood of breaking one of the lines.
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Another vote for the outside of the window, unless you want to preserve the sticker, it is the best bet to be easily removable. On the inside you have those heat strip things that will tear if you scrape off the sticker, plus I bet it's not good for them to be covered by the sticker (inside or out).
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Find a similarly sized "low tac" bumpersticker, and put the required sticker on top of it, so the combination effectively makes the required one low-tac. Low-tac stickers will pull off easily with little or no residue, but will easily last during weather troubles.

low-tac bumpersticker example.
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Stick it to a plate of aluminum, plexiglass, or hard plastic. Punch holes. Tie strap to your bumper or place on back window ledge, if the school allows non-permanent installation. Inside is better, if theft may be an issue. (My small parking permit sticker is required to be stuck to the back of my rearview mirror, visible through the front window, for theft reasons)
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If it does end up on the outside of your car, you could stick it to a magnet and then magnet it to your car.
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I have one of these and it works pretty well. It certainly keeps Republicans from defacing my left-leaning bumper stickers.
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Just tape it, unless they specifically tell you not to.
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You could stick it to one of those magnetic sheets designed for inkjet printers and then just cut it out - stick it on your bumper, trunk, etc. Very easily removed.
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Ahhh ya for my suggestion of double sided tape, I meant for you to tape it to the inside of the car, I should have made that more clear. I apologize.

Seconding the "beware of defroster lines"-I pulled a creeper move on ya and noticed you're in Ohio, I was hoping you'd be somewhere warm where you didn't need to worry about the rear defrost so much. I also forgot to mention Goo Gone, that stuff works miracles. Remember,if you stick it to the outside, and use a non-permanent method, you could easily get your pass stolen.
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stick it to some saran-wrap, use whichever lightweight adhesive you prefer to stick it to the window.
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I've used this stuff I bought at an office supply store that is supposed to allow you to ink jet print a static cling sticker for windows. I never used it to print on, but I'll stick one of those "stick it to your window" things to it (our park system here requires you stick it to your windshield) and then use the static cling to stick it to the window. Works pretty well. If the surface of the sticker is glossy, you can probably static cling to the sticker and the window.
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Better late than never: Sticker Shield!
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