Help me become a better programming instructor.
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TeachFilter: Help me become a better programming instructor.

I teach the following technologies at a college level:

- XML (basics, DTDs, schemas, XSLT, DOM)
- Mobile Programming (J2ME, Mobile Web)
- Ruby and Ruby on Rails
- Server Side Computing with PHP & MySQL

I am looking for two types of book recommendations for each of these subjects:

- Textbooks that students will enjoy (and will find useful enough to keep after graduation).
- Advanced or "best practice" books to enhance my knowledge of these subjects (making me a better resource for my students).

Your help is much appreciated.
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As a beginning programmer...learning Ruby, I have to recommend "Ruby by Example" by Kevin Baird. The Poignant guides are also pretty entertaining.

I am a very visual/conceptual/tactile learner... so trying to learn programming has not come easy to me. I was about to give up finding a textbook/language that would work from me, until someone recommended . Incredible. I went out and bought the book, the "Foreward" and "Preface" should be required reading for any programming teacher. Its the first programming language I've sat down to where I almost immediately have 10+ different ideas for projects.
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Effective XML is a wonderful best practices book for XML. The author has several other books on XML as well although some are older and thus more out of date.
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My coworker and I have been using Beginning PHP and MySQL to teach our selves, well, PHP and MySQL. It's a wonderful, practical book with clear prose and a plenty of example code to back it up. We have a few books to work with, including ones from O'Reilly, but this is by far the best one.
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jmnugent: I'm a huge fan of Processing.

You should check out Shoes, a graphics/windowing toolkit for Ruby that borrows many ideas from Processing/NodeBox.

mmascolino: A co-worker also recommend Effective XML so I'll pick it up asap.
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