keep my macbook awake.
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how can i close my macbook without making it fall asleep?

i often listen to internet radio through my macbook - and i'd prefer to close the laptop rather than have it sitting there, mocking me. is there a widget or a program option that will let you close the screen, without immediately setting it to sleep?
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Best answer: InsomniaX?
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This Apple discussion thread suggests that the only 'stock' option is to 'wake' the computer after it's closed using an external keyboard. I can confirm (from our work mbps) that they do wake up if a display, keyboard, and mouse are plugged in. Not sure if the keyboard is the only required option or not.

Software based options include: InsomniaX and SleepLess.

Somewhat surprised apple hasn't created a settings flag for this.
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insomniax here too. free, works great for itunes.
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Or Caffeine.
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Caffeine won't stop Mac from sleeping when the lid is closed (I just tested this). It's great at stopping the screen from dimming/ keeping the Mac awake when the lid is UP eg. while watching a movie. I'd go with InsomniaX.
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Keep in mind, this may cause the laptop to overheat and/or damage the screen with heat.
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qvtqht: That hasn't been true for a long time. If the machine could be damaged by running it with the lid closed, Apple wouldn't tell you how to do it.
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qvtqht: Also, macbook and macbook pro have no problem running with the lid closed in Windows XP or Vista, with boot camp... Although I probably would not leave my macbook pro running prime95 or the client with the lid closed, it does get pretty warm just under normal loads.
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Just set the display to sleep after a couple of minutes. System Prefs > Energy Saver. You keep the computer open but there's no more mocking screen. Make sure your laptop is elevated so it doesn't overheat.
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You only need USB activity to wake the Mac up. If you shut the lid, then unplug a USB hub, it will awake.
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What I do, is just hit keep hitting the "decrease brightness" button until the backlight turns all the way off. No screen mocking you, computer does not get too hot and you can still hit the space bar or whatever to pause music.
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I confirm the InsomniaX solution. Also, there is no overheating issue. Good luck!
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If you shut the lid, then unplug a USB hub, it will awake.
Yep. This is incredibly annoying when you unplug an iPod after putting the Mac to sleep, but it can come handy.
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FWIW, I can confirm that my closed, connected-to-nothing MBP wakes up for a moment whenever I bump my bluetooth mouse. Then it falls asleep again a few seconds later, presumably because it finds no display... I guess.
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Response by poster: III3 (6? 0?) - even with the backlight off, as long as the lid's open, it still mocks me. only from the darkness. i'm not sure if you can truly understand this.

for all the rest of you - insomniax works great. my computer and ryan adams thank you.
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