Best way to sell concert tickets?
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I have a couple of Pogues tickets for this Saturday that I can't use. What's the best way to unload them?

Due to unforeseen circumstances (skis, emergency room visit, crutches), I find myself with two tickets to the Pogues show at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC this Saturday that I am unable to use.

What is the best way to sell them? Craigslist? Ebay? I'm not looking to make a profit, but would like to get back the money I paid for them. The less work involved for me, the better. If it matters, I am in Northern NJ.
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I always use Craigslist. I find it much easier than eBay.
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I've had success with both Craigslist and Ebay, but this was years ago, and I'm not sure what current the ticket-selling atmosphere is like.

You may want to check out StubHub; I've heard positive things about it from friends.
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Best answer: I might very much be interested. Shoot me a MeMail if you've still got them and I'll double check.
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I second Craigslist. With ebay, you have fees, etc. On craigslist, you simply advertise, tell the people to bring cash, and hand them over.
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(Also, I can come pick them up if need be.)
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Best answer: drat, some other local already asked. But, if that fails, my email is in my profile! Local/cash.
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Give someone a miracle. If you can afford it, t's a good feeling, well worth what you paid.
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Oh, man. Last time I saw the Pogues Joe Strummer was fronting for a missing MacGowan. Sounds like Shane's very much himself on this tour. Sorry you can't make it, skaffen42, but props for raising the question here, where Mefites can benefit from your misfortune.
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AskMe: where Mefites can benefit from your misfortune.

Selling tickets near the venue is also a tried&true tradition.
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