Strange Sci-Fi Animated Film
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A while back, on this site, some lovely soul posted a YouTube link of a very strange full-length animated sci-fi film from the 70s. The story involved men being kept as playthings/servants by a giant race on a strange planet. The humans wore some sort of collar that restricted their movements. It was a very unusual film, quite obviously NOT North American. I believe the original film was French and that it had not been available for many years. Can anyone recall the name of this film? Much thanks :)
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That'd be la Plan├Ęte Sauvage, aka Fantastic Planet.
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Drastic's got it... one of my favorites. I still dream about the music sometimes.
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Very interesting film. Uneven and poorly animated for the most part, but with really striking artwork for all that, and some truly eerie passages. Not much in the way of character development but still a good story. I've seen it half a dozen times and find it bizarre and enjoyable despite an abrupt and rather unsatisfying ending.
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Ah, there we have it. Thanks so much all. Very odd film...stuck with me for some reason. Now I can watch it again and try to figure out why.
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Improves with repeated viewings. How about posting its Youtube links?
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I believe the original film was French and that it had not been available for many years.

It was released on DVD in the last year or two. Netflix has it. The DVD also has a few shorts by the same director.
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It was originally released on DVD in 1999.
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