Good seafood restaurant in West Palm Beach, FL area?
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Recommend a good seafood restaurant in West Palm Beach, FL area or within a 40 mile or so radius.

I am taking my Mom out for her 70th birthday and she is kind of fussy. She mainly likes to eat seafood and vegetables. If it is near water or has a water view that would be even better.
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If you're going for lunch, go to John G's at Lake Worth Beach. Get the broiled fish and fruit platter, it's amazing.
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Response by poster: I've been to John G's and while it is great, I was looking for more of a dinner place. I also forgot to mention, if it has a healthy/natural/organic feel that is a plus.
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It's been a few years since I was in WPB but I remember taking friends to the SailFish Marina Restaurant. The restaurant opens out to the marina with nice views of the docks and Peanut Island.
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Charley's Crab in Palm Beach.
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I like Spoto's Oyster bar a lot. I've been to the Palm Beach Gardens location twice (not near the water), but not the downtown WPB location (near the water).
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Best answer: Depends a bit on how serious you are about the food, but if you care primarily about good quality fish, there are two real choices: Little Moir's Food Shack or Reef Grill (both off US-1 near Jupiter).

Sailfish and John G's are both pretty good, and Spoto's is just OK (the Palm Beach Gardens location), although you can eat outside, which is a plus. Charley's Crab is very 1980s. All of these have decor advantages over Little Moir's and Reef Grill, but the food is a few orders of magnitude better up at either Jupiter joint.
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OH MY GAWD--- if you don't go the RUSTIC INN (in Ft. Lauderdale) I will track you down and slap you with a lightly defrosted cod.
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John G's isn't open for dinner. Go for breakfast. It is cash only.

Little Moir's Food Shack is very awesome for lunch. Fresh, creative and delicious Caribbean influenced seafood dishes.

Either Spoto's location is lovely and their oysters are some of the best and most fresh in the area. Gazpacho is yummy and the muscles are good too.

Truluck's in Mizner Park (Boca Raton) is also very good. Very, very popular so be sure to get a reservation. The crab there is tops.

Pass on Rustic Inn. Overpriced. Crowded. The entire place smells bad and the service is awful. Not to mention it is in Dania, south of the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

Closer to West Palm is Kee Grill. WOW. YUM. WOW. So incredibly good. Fish is so fresh. Bread is so tasty. Service is excellent. Go there.
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Response by poster: Well I wound up going to Charley's Crab in Palm Beach. The fish was excellent and it was just the right type of place for my Mom. It was a bit overpriced but it was right across the street from the ocean so I guess you pay for that.

Earlier in my visit I almost went to Little Moir's Food Shack in Jupiter, but there was a really huge line so I passed.
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