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Recommend a place for mani-pedi in Seattle? Bellevue even better!

My mom has never been and thinks she wouldn't enjoy it by herself, but she'd like to make a trip of it. I said I'd figure out where to go, but I haven't lived around there for over a decade now. We're going around her birthday, so a little splashy is in order. I think I'm looking for someplace with a Gene Juarez (Nordstrom) vibe, but don't know what else is out there. What can you recommend?
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Depends on what you want.

Ummelina in Seattle is dreamy. My fave spa...a little less modern than Gene Juarez.
Salon 7 is open in BelSquare...haven't tried it myself
La Serenity is in bellevue too...not too bad. Not the best I've had either.
Red downtown Seattle is cool (and they serve wine!)
Head 2 Toe day spa in West Seattle is great too.

AVOID InSpa like the plague. My friend got a horrible nail fungus after having a manicure there.
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I'd probably go for Julep, especially if she happens to be a chocolate fiend.
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My favorite mani/pedi place in Seattle is Spa Noir! Even better, go on their "Last Tuesday" (the last Tuesday of every month), where you will have a glass of champagne, sweets, and special deals on manis/pedis/facials/and massages. Love it! (the "Last Tuesday" info is in their "Press" section)
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I treat my special ladies (mom inclusive) to Habitude in Ballard, but maybe I'm clueless and ought to be hip to whatever gets recommended in this thread.
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I have enjoyed Julep. They have theme nights that might be fun, depending on your interests. Not cheap, though.
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Yelp is a good source for recommendations for spas and manicures and such. There's a core set of reviewers who really go for these places and write 'em up.
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Response by poster: Well, it looks like I won't be able to choose a best answer, since absolutely none of these places could accommodate us. Oh well.
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