A Bluetooth headset that won't redial in my pocket?
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ARGH! My phone is driving me nuts. Please help me find a Bluetooth cell phone headset that won't ass-dial people!

I've got a Samsung u540 cell phone and a Motorola H500 over-the-ear bluetooth headset. I keep them both in my cargo pants pocket. The big, shiny, oh so easy to accidentally press button on the headset is constantly getting hit while in my pocket, thus activating the redial feature. It was funny the first 10 times I left my friends a five minute long I'm-in-a-store-somewhere-or-maybe-on-the-bus voice mail, but now it's driving me crazy. Help me stop ass-dialing people!

Can you recommend a quality over-the-ear bluetooth headset that won't do this? By this, I don't just mean "doesn't do it for you", because my boyfriend has the same headset and he says it doesn't do this. I'd prefer a headset that flips quickly on and off without dropping the bluetooth connection while it's off, or has a lock button, or has some similar feature so that it cannot dial people while it's in my pocket. I never use the redial or voice dial features, anyway -- I only use the headset button to answer calls and hang up.

Extra points for voice clarity. Thanks for any advice you can give!
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I have the Motorola H700, and I'm very happy with it. The "mouthpiece" flips out to turn it on and back in to turn it off, and I can't see how it could accidentally open in your pocket. It does terminate the Bluetooth connection when it's off, but it immediately reestablishes it when it's turned back on.
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How fast is "immediately"? The current Motorola I have takes something like 5 seconds to turn on and reconnect, counting the 2 seconds you have to hold down the stupid, stupid button. If the H700 can do it in more like 1 second, maybe that would work.
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With my phone (a Motorola Razr 3m), it's definitely faster than 5 seconds--probably no more than 2 on average. And you don't have to hold down the button at all. Plus I forgot to mention that the sound quality is very good, at least on my end (and nobody I've talked with has complained).
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I have the Motorola H700, and I'm very happy with it. The "mouthpiece" flips out to turn it on and back in to turn it off, and I can't see how it could accidentally open in your pocket.

I had the H700. It continually dialed out in my pocket, even though the boom was closed. That is specifically why I stopped using it. The second bluetooth headset I got had a sliding switch that powered it on and off, and it constantly dialed out in my pocket as well. That's why I stopped using bluetooth headsets. I just plain couldn't find one that didn't "butt dial". The convenience/coolness factor of bluetooth was completely outweighed by the annoyance factor. I wish I had an answer for you, and I will be watching this thread to see if anyone has a good answer, but as near as I can tell bluetooth headsets are universally designed for borg people who want to walk around 24/7 with a piece of technology in their ear, and not for people who want to carry the technology in their pocket and only actually use it when they want to talk on the phone.
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