Need mechanic recommendations near Burlington, MA.
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Need mechanic recommendations near Burlington, MA.

We have a 1989 Mazda 626 with just over 200k on it. It's been running great for years, but wouldn't start after the recent rain storms. We usually take it to a family friend who works on cars, but we've found he's not doing a very good job, so we're looking for recommendations of a new mechanic near Burlington, MA. Someone on the cheap-side would be good, as we don't want to put a ton of money into the car.
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is somerville too far away? i know a bunch of folks who are happy with abj ( link) in somerville, and i've had pretty good results with them.
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Response by poster: Somerville isn't too far. Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like they specialize in VWs, which I have, so that is doubly good!
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Ultima LTD
102 Clematis Ave
Waltham, MA 02453
(781) 894-0050

Highly recommended. I learned about them from a roomie, used them for years, and they've always been fantastic.
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And the first car they worked on for me was my Jetta!
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Have you checked out themechanics files? Very handy resource.

I went to Arco Tire, in Somerville, and have been very happy with them--the only annoying thing is that Clarendon turns into a one way street about half a block from Arco, so you can't get there from Mass Ave. and have to take Broadway instead.
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If Hoang Auto Repair in Lowell is run by Bi (Lee) Hoang, use them.

I used Bi's old garage, Double-Check in Billerica, years ago and was really impressed by his work and prices. Double-Check is gone, and I can't find out more about Hoang Auto Repair on-line, but give them a call. If it's run by Bi, give them a shot.

Hoang Auto Repair
599 Dutton St
Lowell, MA 01854
(978) 454-5030
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