Sharing a sex toy w/o spreading HPV?
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What precautions should my partner and I take if we want to share a silicone sex toy without spreading HPV between us?

What we've been able to find on the web suggest that HPV can be spread by sharing toys, but doesn't give much practical advice on what to do about it. (For various reasons, the other means of transmission aren't an issue for us right now.) Tips?
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Here is Good Vibrations' take on it.
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HPV spreads via pretty much everything (including your hands), so unless you don't want to touch each other at all, I wouldn't worry specifically about the toys.
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Get the vaccine. It's the easiest way :)
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Why take the risk? Buy another one and you can both play at the same time.
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are you asking for precautions beyond disinfecting the toy? silicone is great because you can toss it in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes or so and presto, disinfected toy. you also can apparently throw silicone toys in the dishwasher on the top rack, but i always thought that was a bit icky. so yeah, disinfecting or buying to as 45moore45 suggests.
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You can also use condoms with penetrative toys.
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To add to the condom suggestion: if you can find a source of expired condoms (since you are not preventing pregnancy, and you can always boil silicone toys), you'll be in the money. Try Planned Parenthood and similar. (I'm allergic to silicone, so we go through a lot of condoms.)

If you want to be extra safe, yeah, just get each partner their own set of toys. Condoms are still great for cleanup and quick use.
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